Customer Testimonials

Our number one priority is to provide lead management solutions, services and support that increase our clients' ROI. But don’t take our word for it — read what our customers have to say!

Business Development Manager
Dealership in Haverhill, MA

"As a Callbright customer, we were able to take advantage of the new program Call Rescue. It is truly amazing to find out what actually happens to clients when they end up as a dropped or mishandled call. Never knowing they were there, who they were looking for, or the reason behind the call. As a Business Development Manager, I find Call Rescue to be one of the easiest ways to recover lost sales."

"In only one week of having Call Rescue, my staff and I were able to recover a pre-owned sale that was almost lost to another dealer. Not only have we recovered a lost sale already, but we have also recovered service and parts contracts that created revenue for us. Is it worth it? Yes absolutely! The lack of communication with customers always stems from the phone. Do your customers and yourself a favor; get the Call Rescue program from Callbright!"

Mike Bihlmeier
CRC Information Systems

"Callbright's call tracking and reporting system enables us to monitor our advertising budget, identify and capitalize on every sales opportunity, and close more new accounts. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest technology, combined with excellent customer service and support, makes them a true leader in their field."

Kris Ford
Sales Manager, BDC Center
Reynolds and Reynolds
Dayton, OH

"As a Sales Manager, I am always looking for opportunities to coach my team. Callbright's call recording features were a major eye opener because we could listen to sales calls and identify areas for improvement. In a very short time we were able to see significant advances in how our calls were handled. Callbright was able to help us become even stronger in what we do!"

Director of Variable Operations
Dealership in Quakertown, PA

"Botched phone calls can cost your sales and service business. Callbright has been invaluable as a means of coaching and counseling our team to properly handle phone calls."