Press Release

Callbright Launches New Website

Houston, TX — June 25, 2014 — Callbright, a leader in total call management solutions, has launched a new website that will feature new individual product information pages, more user-friendly navigation and an updated, aesthetically pleasing design.

“Callbright’s old website displayed all of our features well, but unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, you might not find it,” said Jordan Bentley, national sales manager for Callbright. “The new website uses an intuitive line of thinking to help customers better find what they are looking for and help Callbright meet their needs.”

The website allows visitors to choose their industry and then select a specific challenge their business faces. Based on their selections, the website will present visitors with Callbright solutions and links to more information about each product. The website also provides resources like training and blog posts.

Visitors can access the website at

About Callbright

Callbright provides complete, real-time telephone communication management via web-based tools to help businesses optimize marketing investments and enhance customer relationships. Callbright clients can track advertising effectiveness through telephone responses, record and monitor inbound calls, track outbound calls and send broadcast messages. Additionally, training features provided through Callbright help establish accountability and improve the performance of personnel, leading to increased profitability. (