Press Release

Text-to-Speech Technology Brings New Advances to Callbright's Broadcast Message Manager

Houston, TX — July 23, 2008 — Callbright announced today a new innovation to their broadcast campaign capabilities: text-to-speech technology. Broadcast campaigns are a widely used, automated approach to reaching large audiences with targeted sales announcements, service reminders, and recall notices. Traditionally, broadcast campaign users record a message using their own voice; now, with the introduction of text-to-speech, customers have the option of typing a message that is then automatically converted to a voice recording.

Jim Wright, Vice President of Sales for Callbright, said, "In addition to saving time and effort, when the text-to-speech functionality is combined with data from a lead management tool or Customer Relationship Management application, campaigns can include specific customer information, such as a name, or vehicle details. Our ability to provide a seamless, personalized message is a huge leap over what is currently available in the broadcast market."

Since the initial introduction of Callbright's Broadcast Message Manager, customers have offered feedback and ideas for enhancements to the product. Callbright has responded to these requests by providing a tool that blends the capabilities of text-to-speech technology, customized messages, dynamic information, and CRM Integration, which will be part of Callbright's standard service.

Wright concluded: "Callbright's Broadcast Message Manager has always been one of our more successful products. With the release of this second-generation version, Callbright is making groundbreaking strides in the way text-to-speech technology is utilized to improve business results. We are pleased to be able to bring this new service to our clients at no additional charge. It's just one more way we stand by our commitment to bringing Total Call Management to our customers."

About Callbright

Callbright provides complete, real-time telephone communication management via web-based tools to help businesses optimize marketing investments and enhance customer relationships. Callbright clients can track advertising effectiveness through telephone responses, record and monitor inbound calls, track outbound calls, and send broadcast messages. Additionally, training features provided through Callbright help establish accountability and improve the performance of personnel, leading to increased profitability.