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New Callbright Mobile App Helps Customers Manage Mishandled Phone Leads Remotely

Houston, TX — June 10, 2014 — Callbright, a leader in total call management solutions, recently launched a new mobile app that allows Callbright customers to follow up on mishandled sales and service opportunities from their iPhone and Android devices.

"Today prospective customers are using their cellphones more and more to research and contact businesses, so they're used to getting instant answers and instant service," said Callbright Sales Manager Jordan Bentley. "In the event that a rep mishandles a call, it's important for the situation to be rectified immediately so the prospect doesn't move on. This app allows businesses to do that."

Through an integration with Callbright's Call Rescue feature, the app allows managers to receive instant notifications on their mobile device when a sales representative mishandles a call. The manager then has the ability to remotely assign mishandled opportunities to reps for follow-up. The app also provides managers with a summary of Call Rescue totals, outstanding opportunities, follow-up results and user activity.

To enable sales reps to contact prospects quickly, the app is also available with a Click-to-Call dialer function, which allows users to make outbound calls that are recorded under a Click-to-Call campaign within the Callbright user interface. This feature can be used either in conjunction with Call Rescue or alone.

Callbright customers can download the app in the iTunes and Google Play stores. For more details, visit the Callbright app page.

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