Press Release

Callbright's New Call Rescue Already Hard at Work

Houston, TX — July 10, 2013 — Callbright's new call monitoring service that uses a professional staff to review phone leads for missed opportunities is already producing results for customers.

Benjamin Coppola, Business Development Manager at Smith Motor Sales of Haverhill in Haverhill, Massachusetts, reported results after just one week of using the service. He is thrilled that Call Rescue has already helped his business.

"It is truly amazing to find out what actually happens to clients when they end up as a mishandled or dropped call," Coppola states. "As a Business Development Manager, I find Call Rescue to be one of the easiest ways to recover lost sales."

"In only one week of using Call Rescue, my staff and I were able to recover a pre-owned sale that was almost lost to another dealer," he explains. "Not only have we recovered a lost sale already, but we have also recovered service and parts contacts that created revenue for us."

Coppola gives this message to other businesses who may be considering Call Rescue.

"Is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. The lack of communication with customers always stems from the phone. Do yourself and your customers a favor and use Call Rescue from Callbright!"

About Call Rescue

Call Rescue helps you recover sales and service opportunities that would have otherwise been lost due to human error while managing phone leads. Managers can not only find new ways to save deals, but are free from spending time reviewing every phone lead by using detailed daily alerts, reports, and emails.

To see how Call Rescue can work for your business, contact a Callbright sales representative at 855.CALLBRIGHT (option 3).