Enhanced Call Completion

  • Are your calls reaching the right destination?
  • Do you miss calls because you’re just too busy to answer?
  • How many opportunities are you missing because of routing problems?
Enhanced Call Completion

Eighty-nine percent of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. Your callers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to have their questions answered or concerns addressed.

That’s why call automation is your friend. With our Enhanced Call Completion options, you can make it easy for your customers to get in touch with the right department.

Why use Enhanced Call Completion?
  • Create intuitive routing options for callers.
  • Be confident that every call is answered.
  • Gain higher lead response rates.
  • Have more control over call routing processes.
  • Have missed calls sent to voicemail or another associate.
We offer several routing options. Check them out!
Auto Attendant

What it does: Acts as a virtual receptionist that never takes a vacation, calls in sick or goes to lunch.

Why you need it: Every call is answered, every time. Callers are greeted with a personalized, interactive message that directs the call to the proper location. These calls can be tracked to compare how many calls are coming in for each area of your business.

Code-Based Routing

What it does: Routes calls based on the caller's geographic location.

Why you need it: To route calls to different locations. Link multi-chain franchises with a single nationwide toll-free number, sending callers to the closest regional store. Or create ad campaigns through multiple media groups, then use Callbright attribution technology to track which source reached the most qualified leads.

Time of Day Routing

What it does: Routes calls based on the time of day.

Why you need it: So you don't miss a call, even when you’re closed. Route after-hours calls to customizable numbers and let your callers leave you messages.

Ring to Number

What it does: Lets you control where each number rings so the right employee gets the call.

Why you need it: So you can make changes on the fly. Use Callbright’s administrative tools to quickly send phone calls to new or alternate destinations.

Round Robin

What it does: Levels the playing field for all your sales staff with a customized routing sequence that evenly distributes incoming calls.

Why you need it: To reduce customer wait time, connect with leads and answer calls efficiently.

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