Call Scanner

  • Are you spending too much time reviewing recorded calls?
  • Is the training you provided your reps working?
  • Are you getting the most out of potential leads?
Call Scanner

The first step toward improving your customer service is giving your staff the right training on how to properly handle customer calls. But unfortunately, not every staff member sticks to the script. You could record and listen to your sales agents’ calls to double check that they're mentioning key sales items, suggesting alternative products and driving sales in general. But that’s a little time consuming, isn’t it?

Why not get a little tech savvy to save yourself time?

Call Scanner uses voice-recognition technology to automatically scan phone calls for keywords or phrases of your choice. Using this information, you can uncover calls that need attention or have the highest revenue potential.

With Call Scanner, you can double check that your staff is performing effectively without having to listen to every call.

Why Use Call Scanner?
  • Improve your staff’s training and customer service.
  • Turn average phone conversations into profitable leads.
  • Catch references to direct competition.
  • Know when customers mention specific products and services.

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