Broadcast Message Manager

  • How long does it take your staff to call a large group of customers?
  • Do you find your customers are not well-informed?
  • Are your outbound calls compliant with FCC regulations?
Broadcast Message Manager

Customers want to stay in the know.

Do you have a new update that will make their lives easier? They want to hear about it.

Is it time to renew their account? They definitely want to know about that.

Is it their birthday? OK, so they probably don’t need to be reminded that they’re a year older, but a simple happy birthday wish is a great way to build loyalty.

However, it can take a while to make all those calls, especially when you consider the time it takes to dial the number, wait for the line to connect and slip in short breaks between calls.

Not to mention, there are some customers who unfortunately aren’t so thrilled about getting calls from you and have registered on the FCC’s Do Not Call (DNC) list. A phone call to one of these folks can make for a really bad day if you’re slapped with a $43,654 fine.

Broadcast Message Manager helps you save time, energy and money by letting you send prerecorded custom messages to your customers.

Why use Broadcast Message Manager?
  • Be confident you’re calling the right customers at the right time.
  • Put time back in your staff’s day.
  • Keep your customers informed.
  • Add a personal touch to prerecorded messages.
  • Stay compliant with FCC regulations.
Broadcast Message Manager has several features that will make your life easier.
Broadcast Campaigns

What it does: Lets you send important notices or service reminders to customers within minutes.

Why you need it: To automate marketing efforts, comply with DNC regulations and help callers quickly connect to your business through interactive menus.

Live Answer and Voicemail Detection

What it does: Detects whether the call is connected to a live person or a voicemail.

Why you need it: To optimize broadcast announcements. For example, if your customer picks up, you can display an interactive call to action such as “To learn more about your loyalty discount, press one to be connected to a sales representative.” If the call goes to voicemail, you can eliminate the interactive option and instruct them to call your desired phone number instead.

Text-to-Speech Function

What it does: Allows you to personalize messages with customer names or other information.

Why you need it: To make a personal connection with your customers. Rather than sending your customers a generic message that says, “We’d like to thank you for visiting our store,” your message can say, “Hello, John, we’d like to thank you for visiting our store.”

DNC Compliance

What it does: Displays customer information before the call connects, allowing you to avoid numbers flagged as DNC. If you want to play it ultra-safe, our premium compliance feature will compare telephone numbers from both inbound and outbound calls to your subscribed DNC list.

Why you need it: To remain compliant with FCC regulations and avoid costly fines.

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