Automotive Marketing ROI Reporting

  • Do you know which ads are leading to sales?
  • What are you really spending on each campaign?
  • How are your call processes impacting your sales?
ROI Reporting

According to NADA data, dealerships spend $616 in marketing per vehicle. That adds up to a lot of zeros! It’s important to make sure your marketing investment is paying off.

Exclusively for dealers who use ERA and POWER dealership management systems, our ROI Reporting tool uses call attribution technology to help you figure out if your advertising campaigns are making the cut. It provides reports that analyze which ad sources deliver leads that progress into sales and which are lemons. By linking a deal directly to a phone call, you can learn what call processes work well and implement those best practices elsewhere.

Why use Callbright Interactive?
  • Gain real ROI information based on real deals and advertising from your dealership.
  • Be confident in your advertising efforts.
  • Find opportunities to enhance or continue call handling processes.

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