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Q2 | 2011
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Callbright Saves the Month for Headquarter Toyota

  • Callbright continues to track and record calls while dealership CRM system fails.

  • eCommerce Director uses Callbright system to correctly pay employees.

  • Dealership effectively uses Callbright to redirect advertising campaigns.

Software tools are vital for keeping track of everyday business transactions and processes, but what happens when they run into technical difficulties? One of our valued customers discovered she could count on Callbright when other tools bit the dust.

Cindy Rosado, eCommerce Director of Headquarter Toyota in Hialeah, Florida, used Callbright's tracking capabilities to save her month in the Internet department. "Our Toyota dealership was recently without a CRM solution for 15 days, Rosado explains. They were quickly approaching end-of-month and without the ability to track who definitively secured a select deal, Cindy would be unable to accurately complete her monthly payroll.

However, Callbright was running strong behind the scenes recording and tracking each call and lead that came in to the department. She was able to find out which sales belonged to each salesperson by viewing caller information and listening to calls.

"Because Callbright was still working, we were able to track where our leads came from as well as our employees' follow-up, Rosado continues. "This allowed us to pay the employees appropriately. Callbright saved our month!

Apart from emergencies like this, Rosado also counts on Callbright's recording and email features to better train her staff and react to customer issues on a day-to-day basis.

"Other products don't have the advanced functionality that Callbright does, she says. "I love that I can email a call to anyone. This helps me coach my managers and resolve any discrepancies customers may have regarding a price they were quoted.

Her department is also benefiting from an effective way to track their advertisements. Rosado explains how she was able to make an informed decision regarding her ad spend.

"In one particular month, we received over 200 calls from one mailer, but our sales were lower than expected. By viewing the call history in Callbright, we were able to see that 50% of those calls were for service instead, allowing us to quickly redirect our advertising. Callbright gives us real-time reporting with accurate tracking and follow-up capabilities. Thank goodness for Callbright!

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